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Every group need some rules, just to get some good relationschips between the members and to improve oure buildingskills as quick as possible.
These are just some general rules. If you don't follow these and you made to much trouble in oure team, their will be some punishmends afer all. So beware !


Rules between members:

-Do not swear at the other members
-Do not correct eacht other in activety, the managment will
-Do not critizise each other without any good arguments
-Do not take any projects for the team at your own
-Do not take any applications fot the team at your own
-Be helpfull to each other
-Be respectfull to each other

-If there are any arguments between members, please tell about it at the managment


Rules between you and clients:

-Do not sweat at the clients
-If the clients remove some of the buildings, tell the managment about it and do not  solve it at your own
-If there is a deadline, respect it and try to realize it
-Be respectfull to clients



If you get in any trouble and you can't solve it at your own or it is to diffecult to fix it, please tell the managment about it, they wil help as soon as possible