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Notre Dame

This one is just finished, it is one of the most detailed bld made of the Notre Dame,It is almost on a 1:1 scale and It took us weeks to build and redesign it. For now on, this is the biggest build we have ever made as the Farlanders Team and it was defenetly worth it.
The server Degenlijkcraft* uses it in their kit-pvp map, this server is owned by 2 Dutch Youtubers called NMTV and Gigcees.
There are more builds in there wich are made by Farlanders, there is also an schip with white sails at the harbour and some sewers beneath the houses, so join it and see paris in old times.

(It is also avaible to download it at oure PMC page)

* server isn't open yet

RPG map

This is oure newest project, we are still working on it and the landscape only is amazing at his own. This map is made by Moonti, he posted it on PMC. We told him about oure project and we hope he will love oure builds as soon as he sees it. 

There are no pictures of the builds, villages and cities yet cause we want to make it oure little special project.

But there is a chance ,pretty soon, to look at it with your own eyes. The suporior server is the only server who is allowed to use oure project, in fact they will open it at the end of Januari. only the North-East islands will be open for the players. It hasn't even got a name yet but this will be soon oure greatest project ever made. The map is 16K by 13K blocks and we hope you guys like it as much as we do building it for you guys : )