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how to?

As we all know, a buildingteam need some members, but it is pretty hard to find them these days. So if you think you are a real builder and worth it to join oure buildingteam, please follow these instrucions:


please send a email to farlandsbt@gmail.com with the following points
- Your real name
- Your ingame mc name
- Your Skype name*
- Your age
- Your sex
- at least 3 screenshots of different styles you have made

and maybe something special like:
- A world download by your own
- A video made about your creation
- A link to your PMC or other pages with your builds**

  * There is no beter way to learn someone new than a 1 to 1 call
** Be sure your name is on that page

you will get an email in return in about 2 weeks
this email tells you if you're passed or not
if you didn't passed, you will get some tips and maybe you can try it some months later when you got better